Artist: Jonathan Wakuda Fisher (@wakudastudio) Photo: Ellen Duong and Angela Schwartz
March 2020 - December 2020

Temporary Moments

This project is a collection of photos of public art and community voices. Currently, this timeline tracks Seattle, WA from the stay at home order through the racial justice protests in 2020. Plans to expand the project to more communities are in the works.

The importance of public art

Public art adds cultural and aesthetic values to our community. It contributes to a community’s identity, it fosters community pride and a sense of belonging. It is freely accessible and is interspersed within our everyday environment. This accessibility highlights that this art is for everyone to see and isn’t gated.

How this all started

In the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 thrusted the world into panic and quarantine. My friend Angela and I would take walks for our well being and to exercise. Seattle was quiet for once. Even Pike Place was empty. In these walks, we noticed boarded up businesses with kind words and affirmations and began taking photos.

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